Building and Managing Your Professional Web Presence

Technology Teacher Leader Meeting - Monday, April 29, 2013
Google Presentation

  • Develop an awareness of your online presence and what it says about you.
  • Understand how to create and manage a professional web presence.
  • Understand the importance of a web presence for students K-12 and what they will need to know about it today to be successful in the future.

Introductory Video: Juan Enriquez TED Talk: Your Online Life, Permanent as a TattooJuan

I. What is It?
  • Web Presence
  • Digital Footprint

Activity 1 - Check Your Digital Footprint
Google yourself. Get specific. Include alternative names, middle names, and with and without quotes. Try a search in each of the following search engines.

II. Should You Have a "Professional Web Presence"?

III. Questions to Consider:
  • How does your digital footprint relate to or affect your web presence?
  • Can you maintain both a public and a private web presence? Is it necessary to separate them?
  • How might your employer's interests or policies affect your personal web presence?

IV. Basic Principals of Web Presence
  • Familiarity
  • Consistency
  • Participation

Activity 2 - Create Your Online Profile
Google Profiles is a quick, easy public face gives you a distinct identity. It helps searchers distinguish you from people with similar names and because Google Profiles is a Google product, it appears to get a bump in Google search results.
  • LinkedIn- A free website to post professional profiles that also works as a social network for professionals.
  • Google Profiles- One of the most common free websites to post an online profile that integrates with other Google applications.
  • Flavors.me- Create a free online profile page that looks extremely professional and offers many templates.
  • About.me- Similar to Flavors.me. Create a free online professional profile page.
  • Visualcv.com- This free service offers a more detailed online profile that works as a web portfolio, resume, or CV.
  • Weebly- Powerful site creator, surprisingly easy to make a high quality site that is easy to share. (Both free & paid versions)
  • Wix- Create free, beautiful web sites. Easy to customize, no coding, Google friendly.
  • Google Sites- Web sites created from templates that are free and easy to customize. Great for student portfolios.

V. How to Remove Your Private Information from Background Check Sites
  • Delete anything too valuable on social networks.
  • Use Privacy Settings to cloak other information.
  • Remove or deactivate social networks you no longer use.
  • Use the Opt Out form to get data brokers/miners to remove your personal information.
  • Consider using a paid service like Reputation.com or Albine's DeleteMe.

Activity 3 - Maintain Your Online Presence
  • Participate in web projects, online communities, e-conferences.
  • Post a digital copy of all or part of your presentations online/offline on Slideshare, a blog or a wiki.
  • Join Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and post education related materials or join teacher communities.
  • Monitor your web presence with Google Alerts.
  • Monitor your web presence periodically in general.