Microsoft Office 2010 - Word (Intermediate)

I. Create Visually Compelling Documents in Word 2010

II. Get Control of Page Numbers, Headers & Footers

  • Open the header and footer space; find commands and tools
  • Get more help from Word with style galleries
  • Get less help from Word by using Quick Parts
  • Insert page numbers and use "Page X of Y" formatting
  • Add the current date and time
  • Add the document filename and path
  • Insert an art logo into a header
  • Adjust header and footer position on the page
  • Use Varying headers and footers for document sections
  • Remove page numbers, headers, and footers
  • Test Yourself

III. Create and Customize a Table of Contents

  • Generate and update a table of contents
  • Prepare headings by using built-in styles
  • Mark other styles for inclusion in the TOC
  • Use outline levels to mark text for the TOC
  • Control TOC content and formatting
  • Customize the TOC by changing styles
  • Remove a TOC

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