Google Tools for Collaboration and Communication Across the Curriculum

Professional Development Series - 2014

  • Learn what Google has to offer for use in your classroom.
  • Generate ideas how Google apps can be used in your classroom.
  • Get hands-on experience with some of the tools.

Pre-Session Activity - Please Do!
  1. Go to
  2. If you already have an account, go ahead and log in. (Note: if you have associated your District email address with your Google account, you will want to disassociate it now.)
  3. If you don't have a Google account, click on Sign in with a different account and then Add an Account and then Create an Account. (Note: Please do not use your District email address to create your account. Use another personal email address; preferably not an AOL email address.)

Google Apps for Education vs. Google Personal/Consumer

Google Drive

Activity One

Google Groups

  • What is it?
    • Google Groups is a free, online service that helps groups of people easily share information and communicate effectively through mailing lists and forum discussions.
    • Learn More

  • Instructional Ideas:
    • Set up a parent-child book club
    • Create an online study group
    • Hold online discussion to enhance class time

Google Sites

  • What is it? *Video: Introduction to Google Sites
    • Google Sites is a tool that allows students and teachers to create custom web pages, adding content, attachments, and embedded media from many other services, including Picasa Web Albums, YouTube video and Google Docs.

  • Why use it? *Video: Google Sites Tour
    • Students can use Google Sites to:
      • Manage a to do list for their assignments and activities.
      • Create a personal portfolio of their work.
      • Collaborate and share ideas with other students for group work and peer tutoring.
    • Teachers can use Google Sites to:
      • Create a class web page, including handouts and tutorial videos.
      • Collaborate with other teachers on department or school-wide projects.
      • Manage a international project that connects teachers and students around the world. Ask students to create pages about subjects they are interested in.

  • Instructional Ideas:
    • Example: Mrs. Richau's English Class
    • Example: School Ski Club
    • Politics Civics Literacy
    • Create a public website for posting announcements, a calendar of events, reading and spelling lists, weekly themes, fun stuff and more.
    • Create a private site to share information with parents, like curriculum resources.
    • Even More Ideas
    • Note: Students must be 13 or older to have a Google Account to add content to Google Sites or to view private sites.

Google +

  • Why Use it? *Video: What is Google + and Do I Really Need it?
    • Circles: make it easy to organize your work and social content by allowing you to share relevant content with the right people. Choose education experts to follow:
      • Google in Education
      • Edudemic
      • Edutopia
      • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
      • NASA
      • And many more!
    • Pages: create pages for student clubs, sports or classes and share important updates with membership
    • Communities: 4 options
      • Join an educational community to share and get suggestions and answers.
      • Create a private community for your class(es)
    • Hangouts: group video chat that you can use with up to 9 others at the same time when you are not able to physically meet together
    • Integration of Google Apps in one place: search, calendar, photos, events
  • Mobile app

  • Instructional Ideas:
    • Create a Google+ community for each class where you can post homework assignments, hold discussions, etc.
    • Create Google+ Pages for classes to share homework updates, the latest news on the course topic, or interesting ideas and articles; news for your after school clubs or sports teams, etc.
    • Use Hangouts to hold virtual office hours, or collaborate on a project or a lesson plan;
    • Use Hangouts to bring in speakers from around the world to your class;
    • Post discussion items and assignments in the Stream;
    • Encourage students to comment on content you have shared to foster class engagement on topics of interest;
    • Search for current information on a topic;
    • 10 Ways to Use Google+ in the Classroom
    • Google Plus for Educators

Activity Two

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