Google Sites

Professional Development Series - 2015

  • Review what you know about Sites
  • Learn how to create a Site
  • Generate ideas on using Sites to enhance your classroom



  • What Do You Know About Google Sites?
    • No software to purchase or download
    • Works in any browser
    • Don't need to know HTML to create a web page or site
    • Features:
      • Intuitive editing
      • Template Gallery
      • Search right in your site
      • Storage: 10GB + 500MB per employee for attaching documents and files
      • Security & Rreliability: encrypted connections to Google servers

  • Learn Sites
    • *Note: Google will be updating the Sites training pages on or about September 26, 2014.

  • How Can Sites Enhance Your Classroom?
    • Create a site for your class: embed a calendar, videos and presentations
    • Create student ePortfolios to showcase work and pass on from year to year
    • Create student projects and report

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