Google Drive

Professional Development Series - 2015

*Note: This is not a session that will teach word processing, spreadsheet or creating presentation skills.

  • Review what you know about Google Docs/Drive
  • Learn what Google Drive can do for your classroom
  • Generate additional ideas on how you can use Google Drive in your classroom



Activity One
Please click on this link to access a Google form where you can enter your name and email address. This information will be needed by everyone attending for activities later in this session.

Important: Once you click the Submit button, DO NOT CLOSE THIS TAB. You will need the link on the confirmation page to access the data collected later.


  • What do you know about Google Docs/Drive?
    • Google Drive lets you store and share all your stuff, including documents, videos, images and other files that are important to you. You can sync, store and access your files anywhere: on the web, on your hard drive or on the go.
    • Docs is the suite of online office tools including:
      • Docs: for creating and formatting online word processing documents and collaborate with other people in real time.
      • Sheets: for creating and formatting online spreadsheets and working with other people simultaneously
      • Slides: for creating online presentations for a visual display of ideas; easily shared with the audience
      • Forms: for data collection and much more - an extension of Sheets that allows for collection of data from the web and storage of that information on a spreadsheet behind the scene
      • Drawing: for creating and sharing drawings online
    • Features of Docs/Drive
      • Collaboration:
        • Edits appear in real time
        • Use the + or @ sign and a Gmail address to leave specific comments for specific people
        • Chat right in the document
      • Unlimited Storage
        • Although you have unlimited storage space, documents you create using Drive do not count against that space.
      • Offline Access
        • On the web you can edit Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawing offline
        • Mobile you can edit both Docs and Sheets offline
      • Access files anywhere
      • Share files with anyone
      • Desktop folder storage (download and install on Mac or Windows computers)
    • Summary: *Video: Drive and Doc Basics (5:35)

Learn Google Docs/Drive

(Hands-on: follow along)

Activity Two: Generate Ideas on Using Docs/Drive in Your Classroom
Please follow the instructions below for using the document that is provided. The group will be divided into teams and each team will be assigned an application. You will be answering 2 questions on your document. Answers will be shared with the entire group at the end of this activity.
  1. How might teachers use xxxx?
  2. How might students use xxxx?

How to Set Up This Document:
  • One member of the team should make a copy of this document and then share it with the other team members AND the instructor, giving each account Edit rights. (Use data from the form submitted in Activity One.)
  • Change the date to today.
  • Add the name of the application your team has been assigned.
  • Change the date to today.
  • Add the names of your team members.
  • All team members should contribute to complete the document.

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