Google Classroom

Professional Development Series - 2015

  • Review what you know about Classroom
  • Identify Classroom's main components
  • Hands-on experience with Classroom



Activity One
Please click on this link to access a Google form where you can enter your name and email address. This information will be needed by everyone attending for activities later in this session.

Important: Once you click the Submit button, DO NOT CLOSE THIS TAB. You will need the link on the confirmation page to access the data collected later.


  • What is Google Classroom? (*video)
    • Google Classroom is a management system for Google Drive, Docs and Gmail and that helps students and teachers organize, create, grade assignments, and communicate. It is available to anyone with a Google Apps for Education account.
    • Sample Assignment Workflow
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Learn Google Classroom

  • Creating a Class
    • Sign into Classroom
    • Click + icon (upper right) and select Create Class
      • Fill in the appropriate information and click the Create button
    • Create the Class Resource page
      • Click on the course and click the About link
      • Fill in the Class Overview information
      • Click Save. You can always edit from the Menu button (upper right)
      • Click Add materials and upload documents, add Drive documents, YouTube videos, attach links
    • Invite students to a class
      • Use Google Contacts by clicking the blue Invite button on the left
      • Invite by code on the right
  • Adding Content to a Class in the Stream
    • Post an Announcement
    • Add an Assignment
  • Managing a Class from the Home Screen
    • Click the name of a class to change the Theme or add a Profile Photo
    • Rename or delete a class: click the Menu button in the upper right corner of the class tile
    • Remove a student from a class by going to the Student tab
  • Communicating with a Class
    • Email a student or students from the Student tab
  • Working with Assignments
    • View Assignments via the Assignment Status page
    • Grade and return an assignment
    • Change an assignment grade
    • Export grades to a CSV file using the Download button at the top of the page
  • Using Classroom as a Student
    • Add a class
    • View assignments
    • Post to the class stream
    • Send an email
    • Mark an assignment done
    • View a returned assignment
    • Change account settings
  • Troubleshooting Classroom and Additional Resources

Tips and Tricks
  • Never give a form as an assignment (+Twyla Felty)
    • When asking students to submit information in a form, add the form as an assignment link to avoid every student showing a permanently late assignment, since there is nothing to "turn-in".

  • Never let students make random comments (+Tina Glanski)
    • Tell students before they ever log into Google Classroom that this is not a virtual classroom environment. They cannot speak "out-of-turn", i.e. fill the stream with random comments.They can answer your questions only, or, whatever you decide.

  • Never say, "Classroom can't do that", because the next time you go back, it might.
    • Keep your eye on Classroom's developing features and submit ideas and suggestions via the Send Feedback button that is always on the bottom right. (Well, maybe not always, but it is today).

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