Google Gmail and Google Calendar

Professional Development Series - 2015

  • Review what you know about Gmail and Calendar
  • Learn how to personalize Gmail and Calendar for the way you work
  • Generate ideas on using Gmail and Calendar to enhance your classroom





  • What Do You Know About Google Calendar?
    • What is it?
    • Free, online calendar to keep track of events all in one place
    • Calendars can be shared school-wide or with select colleagues
    • You can overlay calendars to see availability of individuals
    • Calendar is integrated into Gmail and compatible with other popular calendar applications
  • Learn Calendar
  • How Can Calendar Enhance Your Classroom?
    • Create a school schedule calendar, or calendars for special events, projects, etc.
    • Create a calendar for committees, teams, departments, EC
    • Schedule Parent-Teacher conferences
    • Teachers can use Calendar to create their lesson plans
    • Embed calendars in a website
    • Sync Calendar to your phone

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